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After the Tooth Fairy has visited the child's room to pick up the lost toothFairy Tooth Castle Letter and returned back to Fairyland, she will send a letter to your child letting them know how "precious" and "special" she thought they were.Mr. Sandman Footprint Castle A Mr. Sandman "Footprint" Castle will also be sent to have as a keepsake of just how special they are.

The child will receive a personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy that reads beautifully of the Fairy's visit..... "I was in your room the other night picking up the tooth you had lost and saw a sweet little girl peacefully sleeping. You are so precious!” The letter then goes on to explain the making of the castle..... "The teeth are what make the castles glitter and sparkle." The Mr. Sandman “Footprint" Castle, with its glitter, will be a wonderful keepsake for the child of just how special they are…“remember you are like the glitter and will always shine….”.

A call from a grandchild after they have received their personal letter and Mr. Sandman castle from the Tooth Fairy can be unforgettable....."Guess what, Nana! The Tooth Fairy thinks I'm special!"

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